Don't Miss Our Amazing Beach Party On Cholon Island In Cartagena Colombia

Cholón is an island near Barú, inlet of Cholón, surrounded by mangroves and beautiful crystalline water.

Now close your eyes and imagine the Caribbean sun glistening on skin the color of caramel. See the throngs of beautiful people wearing nothing much more than bathing suits and sun tan oil. Watch as they dance waist-deep in the bright blue waters to music spilling in from every direction that seduces with its bass beat. Taste the beer, the booze, and the beach food without end! This is Cholon, Cartagena’s party island. Technically it is not an island but a peninsula.

Located on the ‘island’ of Baru, which is close to the Rosario Islands and around 40 minutes by boat from the heart of Cartagena, Cholon is sort of the Colombian version of Lake Havasu. It has become a destination for party people from Colombia and around the world. But they don’t wait for Spring Break—just the weekend! In fact, Cholon is full to bursting nearly every weekend and on every major holiday.

Gorgeous people splash in the surf, lounge in the sand, and soak up the party atmosphere all day long. The white beaches are lined with crazy shacks of all sorts selling cold beverages and hot foods including grilled lobster and fresh-caught fish. It really is a party paradise.

Cholon Island Beach Party Cartagena Colombiagetting wild at Cholon Island Beach Party Cartagena Colombiathe Colombia marina at Cholon Island Beach Party

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